Practical information

Practical information

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Things to know before you come

Here are some additional information about Raiatea and French Polynesia…



Tropical with a drier season from May to October and a wetter season from November to April. There is little variation in temperatures throughout the year. The cyclone season is from December to April.



French Polynesia has excellent standards of hygiene and healthcare. There is a hospital in Uturoa and many doctors on the island. Vaccinations are not mandatory unless coming from an epidemic area.



The exchange rate is 1 XPF = 0.0090 USD (as of 05/04/2024).
The rate is fixed against the Euro: 1 € = 119.3317 XPF or 1000 XPF = 8.38 €.
The 3 local banks are present in Uturoa, each with an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine).

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Country Information

Tahiti is GMT -10 hours, and the Marquesas are GMT -9:30 hours.

French, Tahitian, and the languages of the Archipelagos are spoken. Many Polynesians understand and speak English.



Raiatea has an airport mainly serving Tahiti and the other Leeward Islands. Boat shuttles also operate three times a week. Daily shuttles are available to Tahaa. For land transportation, there are numerous car rental agencies and taxis.



Many seasonal rentals are located near the Shipyard. Here's a selection on Airbnb (click on "accommodation" above). There are also a few hotels on the island.



In general, local cooked dishes are available on-site upon request during the week. Small fruit and vegetable stands are located along the roadside, as well as food trucks (mostly in the evening). There are also a few restaurants, especially in the city center.



Several grocery stores are located in Uturoa, as well as hardware stores, gift shops, appliance stores, bookstores, pet stores, phone shops, and of course, clothing stores...


Borders and customs

Entry formalities into French Polynesia can be completed at the Marquesas (Atuona in Hiva Oa and Taiohae in Nuku Hiva), Tahiti (Papeete), and in the Leeward Islands at Bora Bora and Raiatea.

Residence permits, navigation permits, and visas vary depending on the nationality of the crew and the flag of the boat.

There is an option to leave the boat on dry land duty-free for 24 months. Beyond this period, you must leave the waters of French Polynesia for at least 6 months with your vessel to benefit from a new grace period or clear it through customs.

Information can be obtained from:

For Customs: 

Customs Service (navigation branch) BP 9006 Papeete – Tahiti Tel. +(689) 40 50 55 73

For Immigration: 

PAF/Immigration BP 6362 FAA’A – Tahiti Tel. +(689) 40 42 40 74 or High Commissioner/DRCL Rue Jeanne d’Arc, BP 115 Papeete – Tahiti Tel. +(689) 40 54 27 00

For Agriculture Services (quarantine): 

Ministry of Agriculture BP 100 Papeete – Tahiti Veterinary services: Tel +(689) 40 42 81 44 Fax +(689) 40 42 08 31 Phytosanitary services: Tel +(689) 40 42 97 80 Fax +(689) 40 41 05 30

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