Specialized work

Specialized work

travaux spécialisés - tourneur usinage
travaux spécialisés - Voilerie
Custom Solutions for Your Boat

Additional services

    • To meet all your needs, we have surrounded ourselves with experts in various fields. This allows us to offer you personalized and high-quality solutions. Here are some examples of services, but others are available upon request.
      Note: Work can only be carried out by the yard, authorized service providers, or the boat owners themselves.

Electronics / Electricity

Our electrician is considered the best in his field. For any electronic or electrical issues, he is the go-to expert. Additionally, thanks to our experience and contacts in Polynesia and Europe, we can order batteries, Raymarine products, and more. Lithium battery installation is also available—contact us for more information.


Since 2022, we have been fortunate to have the services of an excellent machinist, meticulous and professional, who practices this trade with passion and offers quality work. His capabilities include manufacturing rudder stock bearings, repairing damaged sail drive shafts, and fabricating broken or hard-to-find parts and tools.


We work closely with several welders at our yard, who are skilled in welding aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. For your work on structures such as arches, biminis, bow rollers, as well as manufacturing antenna mounts, gantries, and more.

Sailmaking / Upholstery

Sail repairs, UV strip replacement, awning/bimini repairs, cushion manufacturing...


We work with a trained rigger on-site. Whether you want to replace your rigging or just need a revision, everything is possible!
The rigger will accurately measure your rigging or cable that needs replacement, and we will order the materials from Tahiti. They will arrive pre-swaged and ready for installation.

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