Hull work

Hull work

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Good to know

Life onboard

Living aboard your boat is allowed during work periods. The daily rate includes water, electricity, as well as access to sanitary facilities, showers, and waste sorting installations. Rates are available upon request. For those not residing onboard, a package including water and electricity is offered at 840 XPF per day. A special key is needed for water access (a deposit of 5,000 XPF is required) and a male 16 amp plug is necessary for electricity (available for purchase at the office).

A Specialized Team for Professional Maintenance


Our boatyard is specially equipped to accommodate both catamarans and monohulls. Hull work can only be carried out by our company, authorized service providers, or the boat owners themselves, ensuring personalized attention and care. Our team, composed of seasoned professionals, is trained to take care of your hull with a comprehensive range of services:

  • High-pressure cleaning to remove any accumulation of algae and barnacles.
  • Sanding and stripping to prepare the surface.
  • Precise grinding to correct imperfections.
  • Application of epoxy primer followed by antifouling for long-lasting protection against marine organisms.

We offer a wide range of antifoulings from recognized brands like Hempel, International, Seajet, and Carboline. Inquire at our office for rates and available options.

Our on-site store is stocked with all the consumables necessary for antifouling, from masks and rollers to sanding discs, brushes, anodes, and much more. If a specific product is needed, we can order it for rapid delivery from Tahiti, typically within 24 to 48 hours.

And for those who want to pamper their boat even further, we also offer:

Lamination / Gelcoat

For durable and aesthetic repairs, we combine our expertise in Epoxy and polyester resins to offer structural and cosmetic repairs, including osmosis treatment. Our approach not only ensures the strength of your hull but also its beauty, with gelcoat (white) touch-ups for a like-new appearance.


Give your boat a new shine with our professional polishing service. From washing down the topsides to meticulous buffing, we ensure an impeccable and protective finish. Our polishing techniques bring out your boat's original shine, protecting it from marine elements while enhancing its aesthetics.

Adhesive application / replacement

Looking to change your style or renew your decorative stripes? Our signage expert is at your disposal to offer expert advice and create a new decoration that reflects your image. We handle the entire process: from the careful removal of your old stickers to the design and meticulous application of the new ones, ensuring a flawless and lasting aesthetic result.

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