Our company

Our company

A Nautical Heritage at the Heart of the South Pacific

Welcome to the Chantier Naval des Iles Sous le Vent

Raiatea, your essential stopover in the South Pacific! Since 1993, we have proudly served the long-distance sailing community, offering marina, dry docking, and parking services in a dynamic and friendly setting. Located in the heart of the Society Islands in French Polynesia, our company is the privileged partner of your maritime adventure.


Foundation and Recognition

1993 marks the beginning of our journey. Since then, Chantier Naval des Îles Sous le Vent has quickly established itself as a reference for sailors from around the world.

Innovation and Development

In 2020, we took a significant step forward with the acquisition of a hydraulic trailer, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Equipe de notre entreprise CNI
At the Heart of Our Company's Success

A Top-Notch Team!

Our strength lies in our cohesive team, rooted in the foundations of our yard since its inception. Chantier Naval des Iles Sous le Vent stands for professionalism, but above all, a customer service mindset and a warm welcome. When passion is also part of the equation, we can meet any challenge!

The pillars of the team

Jacques, our experienced crane operator, and Taputu, known for his excellent work, laid the first stones of our success. With the arrival of Punuarii and Ioane, the promising new generation, we continue to innovate and excel in all our services.

Partner professionals

Our "family" extends to about twenty dedicated professionals, covering all areas of expertise necessary to ensure the highest quality of service, always with the cherished Polynesian smile!

Ils parlent de nous...

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Nous sommes fiers de partager avec vous les témoignages et les articles qui mettent en lumière l’engagement de notre entreprise envers la qualité et le service client.

Jean Baptiste et Anik


Un  tour du monde qui passe par Raiatea et un stop un peu forcé dans le voyage… mais qui sera l’occasion de vous partager l’expérience vécue avec notre entreprise !

Michel et Christine


Petit récit d’un hivernage au sec suivi de quelques travaux avant de reprendre la mer pour de nouvelles aventures…

Dominique et Nathalie

"Etoile de Lune"

Un couple de grands voyageurs autour du monde raconte sa sortie d’eau et son escale au Chantier Naval des Iles Sous le Vent.

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