Handling, haul out, haul back in the water

Including day of hauling out, day of going back in the water and 2 days of parking – Bathroom, water and electricity Rates are given for full length Prices in Francs CFP (all taxes included + insurance): 1 XPF= 0.838 € US$1 = 108,69 CFP (11/12 2015)

Free mooring and 4 days in marina

Monohull5 129 FCFP / meter
Catamaran6 529 FCFP / meter

Extra days on the hard (starting on the 5th day)

Monohull460 FCFP /meter/day
Catamaran524 FCFP /meter/day
Dry storage

Nobody living on board, storage on metallic craddles, take care of custom formalities

Monohull Up to 1 month5 129 FCFP /meter/month
From 1 to 3 months4 668 FCFP /meter/month
From 3 to 6 months4 247 FCFP /meter/month
More than 6 months3 866 FCFP /meter/month
Multihulls+ 75 %


(under the owner resposbility)

Any boat, for 1 to 7 days1 500 FCFP / day


(Industrial hazards) Any boat manipulated by CNISLV is insured. Each boat must subscribe a CR insurance.

UTURAERAE marina rates

(CNISLV concession)

DockageLife on board + Water and electricityTOTAL
Monohulls : 1 to 7 days178 CFP/m/day121 CFP/m/day299 CFP/m/day
Monohulls : more than 7 days3 290 CFP/m/month1 832 CFP/m/month5 122 CFP/m/month
Mono and Multihulls over 5m width
1 to 7 days271 CFP/m/day121 CFP/m/day392 CFP/m/day
More than 7 days4 937 CFP/m/month1 832 CFP/m/month6 769 CFP/m/month
Prices subject to change without notice. Credit cards accepted